Weekly Photo Challenge – Sea

What a nice place! But unfortunately it has been for years I don’t go to the beach to see the beautiful of the blue sea. This time Sara Rosso come up with this idea for this week challenge and it makes me so yearn of being in the sea. 

I love the sea even though I can’t swim and I will never have courage to do it. Just sit at the beach where the wave can reach my feet, feel the sand, the wind or busy searching for sea shells those are enough for me. Sitting there to see wide ocean which ended at the horizon line, the waves that never stop as well as the wind, those can bring peacefully in my mine, so relief and free…

Alright then… for this challenge, here are some of the sea I ever visited.


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Weekly Photo Challenge – Focus

To get focus sometimes is not easy, so I must take some shots for same objects for times and I don’t really understand of photography or camera . So pocket camera is just sufficient for me. However to participate this challenge, here are some of my shots.



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Weekly Photo Challenge – Carefree

Yes, it was all a beautiful and unforgettable memories when all of us together spending a short moment in the happiness and carefree. Those moments have already passed by but it’s still lingering in my mind and will always be…. And for this challenge I will put some pictures which perhaps describe what carefree is, so enjoy it.


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The Chill of August


August, this month should be the peak of summer season or dry season in Indonesia, but lately I’m feeling so cold in the middle of the day when the sun was shining so sunny. At 12 am, it’s my time to take a break until 3 pm and in that time I used to lay down near the open door at the second floor of the dorm. The wind just perfectly cool, just like autumn breeze. Sometimes I sat for few minutes under the sun to warm my self.

I recalled when I was in Java that the season like this is a sign of a flower that we call kembang turi. The flower can be cooked, just discard the yellow pistil. It used to be boiled then strain. It will be delicious to eat with peanut sauce and others boiled vegetables and we call this cuisine as pecel.

Back to the topic…..

In August the rain also often falling especially at the night. Just like last week, it was a lovely day in the afternoon, blue sky, white wisp of clouds an in the evening was as stunning as summer night with sky full of stars. I dried my clothes after I washed it but at late at night it was raining! very hard rain puring down and I was so sleepy to collect my clothes. In the morning I had to washed them again and dried them again under the roof. Yes, it happened again, rain fell in the middle of the night.

It’s August! should be hot and sunny why now it turn to be rainy? One of global warming effect? I guess so… even some old people said, “The world’s getting old….”

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A Word A Week Challenge – Bisect

In participated the challenge, here are my photos….


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Difference Is Beautiful


To night, Indonesia has celebrate the last day of fasting day, it means starting for tonight there will be sounds of ‘takbiran’ (praise the Lord name) until at least a week ahead. At this very moment I really want to cry as I remember my mother at home which far away from me. I can’t go home and taste special cuisine of Idul Fitri (moslem holiday). Yes at my home my family celebrate the holiday as they are moslim while I am a chatolic.

In Indonesia has tradition of sungkeman (bent over the lap of older for forgiveness for all the mistake during the past year). I used to do this when my parents back from mosque at the morning. It was all so touchy and everybody cries in happiness.

A small family with difference could be so beautifull and I hope it will be the same in the world, so peace will no longer a dream. Happy Ied Mubarok for all the moslem friends in the world, may Lord forgive us all.


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Weekly Photo Challenge – Foreshadow

Nothing much to say but here are my post to participate this challenge. Enjoy it!



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