About Me

I’m just an ordinary woman, live in city yet still like a country woman. I live to work, anything I can do to survive as long as it doesn’t break the rules of religion and law.

Since I knew social network, I start to loving writing, even though I already have loved writing on the paper when I was young xixixi sounds like I’m already old. I write anything, what’s on my mind, real or just an imagination.

A new hobby that infected me since the start is photography. About this matter -photos- it’s just a hobby which I’m not quite pretty good in it, just like to shot only 😀 no special technique.

In the spare time when I have spare money, I’d like to buy something to cook, yes! I love to cook, anything mix this and that out of receipts, sometimes it’s good sometimes just enough for the garbage xixixi.

Again, when I have spare money, I love traveling. My dreams I want to go anywhere around the world but it’s only a dream as go around Indonesia, I just can’t afford it urghhh….

Too long…… that’s me anyway 😀


9 Responses to About Me

  1. What you have written here has touched me deeply. I can feel your yearning, your passion and your desire to evolve and explore and live to your fullest potential. May you be blessed in every way to achieve your dreams… and more. Peace and love, Michele

  2. My Tropical Home says:

    Hi, I saw you over at Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge. I was curious and came over. I feel the same as you although I don’t work outside the home anymore, just teach and take care of my kids. I’m also new to blogging (if a year is still new hahaha) and to photography. I also like to travel but like you not enough money yet so only local trips. I wish you all the best with your dreams and goals!

  3. Bams Triwoko says:

    Just want to say ‘hello’.. Salam kenal dari Jogya.. 🙂
    Happy blogging.. !!

  4. Angie says:

    Hello! Thanks for dropping by my blog and bringing me to yours. Keep on blogging and Indonesia has beautiful places to see. 🙂

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