A Word A Week Challenge – Waiting











I hate waiting! 


But when I was waiting for some body or things I realised that in the moment of uncertain I can use it to think everything all over again. Anything I can do in that spare time of waiting to do something I love, create new things or just writing and may be only sitting and day dreaming xixixixi…. 


Well, for this a word a week,  Sue has broght up ‘waiting’ and here are those who were waiting… Enjoy it!


1. Children were waiting in front of department’s door to be opened as they would like to shopping. I think this can be a new culture at this millenium especially once a year at Idul Fitri. I found this kind of tradition not just in Java but in Sumatra as well. 



2. A women – a traditional drinking seller’s sitting at city park awaiting for buyers. Located : under Ampera bridge.


 3. A man sitting at the train station but I’m not sure he was waiting for the train or something else 😀


4. A man was waiting for public transportation in front of a close store.


5. “Ora pareng nesu” it’s javaness language means “Don’t be angry” or “Be Patient” that signs is in a village goverment office. In simple word, we must always wait patiently to be served. :((  


 Please… don’t make me wait!

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7 Responses to A Word A Week Challenge – Waiting

  1. ibuseno says:

    momen nya dapet Mbak Lala… aku suka yg mbok jamu tuh

  2. tinsyam says:

    keren yang mbok jamu.. ora pesu nesu itu apa artinya?

    • ulillala says:

      halo mbak Tin
      wah buka wepe nih kok sekarang susah banget ya?
      jadi telat2 ngereply komennya

      ora pareng nesu = tidak boleh marah
      cerminan bahwa kita mesti sabar kalo berurusan di birokrasi pemerintah bahkan di kelas kecamatan ato keluarahan :((

  3. Perfect pictures for this theme. We all spend so much of our lives waiting, don’t we?

  4. I only waited once in my life. That was enough to convince me never to wait again. My solution: I’m an avid reader so I always have a couple of magazines and several books with me. If I go into a grocery store, it’s usually a magazine or a paperback book. Post office. Gas station. Doctor’s office. Dentist’s office. Car repair…………..read…………read………….read.

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