Weekly Photo Challenge – Focus

To get focus sometimes is not easy, so I must take some shots for same objects for times and I don’t really understand of photography or camera . So pocket camera is just sufficient for me. However to participate this challenge, here are some of my shots.



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14 Responses to Weekly Photo Challenge – Focus

  1. Peripatetic Eric says:

    All very nice with the pine cones and railroad tracks great ones for this photo challenge.

  2. chris13jkt says:

    Ah jangan suka merendah, Mbak. Foto-fotonya keren gitu koq.
    Ngomong-ngomong, itu foto pertama mercusuar dimana, Mbak?

    • ulillala says:

      hehehehe, lha bener kok mas, saya ini awam soal fotografi meski hobby motret tapi kalo ngomongin teknik haduuuh… nyerah deh hehehehe

      itu mercusuar, di tanjung mas Semarang

  3. Bams Triwoko says:

    Setuju dng mas Chris… foto2 hasil jepretan tangan yg sudah piawai.
    Happy blogging mbak… 😀

  4. ibuseno says:

    setuju juga sama Mas Chris.. keren2 ya fotonya…

  5. tinsyam says:

    fokusnya kerenkeren lala..

  6. Lovely set of photos for this challenge.

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