A Word A Week Challenge – Unexpected

This word quite a surprise and indeed it is. So for this challenge, here are my shots.

A falling glass


A wedding ring



I failed in making a steam cake



A friend catch a bird which was trapped in the office just by her hands





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8 Responses to A Word A Week Challenge – Unexpected

  1. noelmorata says:

    Those were great and quite unexpected
    I’m inviting you to our Monday photo link-ups called Travel Photo Mondays, come and join us with your beautiful imagery

  2. ibuseno says:

    Baus2 Mbak.. idenya ada aja deh 🙂

  3. tinsyam says:

    itu bolu kelamaan dikukus.. dan pake api besar jadi keriput..
    burungnya keren oi..

    • ulillala says:

      oh itu penyebabnya? aku tuh heran waktu itu, karena udah nurut resep kok malah jadi kriting gitu xixixixi

      burungnya bener2 nangkap sambil lari2 itu karena dia kesasar masuk ruangan.

  4. Tina Schell says:

    Wow Ulillala, I can’t believe that bird sat there as you shot the photo! Must have been stunned! Excellent choices for the unexpected!

    • ulillala says:

      Exactly my friend caught the bird as he trapped in the office then I asked my friend to hold him on her hand then I shot it before let him fly freely… 😀

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