Weekly Photo Challenge – Golden Hour

For some people golden hour when the sun set or rise is something naturally happen. But for me, it’s something wonderful even though I just can see and not able to capture it in a good photo, but to see it just enough. Long time ago almost for 2 or 3 years I always miss this golden hour as I was too busy with work and work.

Golden hour can be something out of gold color, precious moment we can spend with somebody or even just with our self. But this time I prefer to upload some photo of golden hour with really gold color, to joint this week challenge and here they are…




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10 Responses to Weekly Photo Challenge – Golden Hour

  1. Jackie says:

    Beautiful captures! The color of the sky is fantastic.

  2. Jackie says:

    Beautiful captures! The color of the sky is fantastic.

  3. Coco Di says:

    Really precious! The second photo is my favorite. Thanks for sharing these awesome photographs!

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  6. ibuseno says:

    aku cuma punya 1 foto sunset di danau.. jarang mengejar matahari 🙂

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