La Rosa – Rosario Lala

ImageAn old friend was making a joke with that nick. La Roas, he said that nick like the way mbah Marijan said in an energy drinking advertisement. Rosa in javanese means strong.  Another friend asked me, “Why do you always put La Rosa in your pictures? And my explanation just simple.  

La Rosa as my name, at least La = Lala and Rosa = Rosario. Rosario is not my name but it was the name I want to have when I was baptized but I couldn’t have that name.  La Rosa = A Rose, as I really adore this flower, especially the white one.

Flower of Eden, I call it and this evening I saw roses everywhere without being able to take even one! In the church and chapel. Dear Lord! they are so lovely!!!!  Just daydreaming, that somebody might send me a rose or more……


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8 Responses to La Rosa – Rosario Lala

  1. chris13jkt says:

    Why couldn’t you have the name ‘Rosario’ when you was baptized, Mbak?

  2. tinsyam says:

    aha lala yang soleh.. rosario artinya juga dari rose kan.. tasbih yang wangi rose, pernah tuh ada yang bilang kaya gitu..

    • ulillala says:

      waaah, aku malah baru tahu kalo yang satu itu. xixixi iyo mbak lagi berusaha menahan godaan nih. niatnya pengen ikutan puasa meski cuman nahan laper *karena ga nahan haus* tapi kok ya gagal total tiap kali nyium aroma masakan? hadeeeh ga bisa ngempisin perut nih….

  3. kalo ulil, mbak? 😛

  4. djmrakiey says:

    Lovely color … cool shot !

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