Weekly Photo Challenge – Curving

It’s very interesting subject as it can be anything and easy to find even around in my room, but then I prefer to find more interested object outside and here are some of my shots to participate this challenge. Enjoy it  ^_^

Love of Dragon flies



Walking caterpillar




water sliding




A historical fort



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23 Responses to Weekly Photo Challenge – Curving

  1. Love your pictures!

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  3. ibuseno says:

    ulet bulunya iiih lucu geli2 tapi keren

  4. moreta999 says:

    unusually interesting photographs – may be one days we will working together on the other day to cover my books and my novels –yes thank follow me by blog

  5. tinsyam says:

    wuih ada capung kawin.. itu keren loh kereta meliuk gitu lagi ngetem ya.. dan anak2 main disitu..

    • ulillala says:

      xixixi capung kawin itu pertama kali aku punya kamera pocket, awal gabung MP dulu dan ketemu mas ST lalu diajari soal motret dan ketularan, sayang sekali ukurannya terlalu kecil.

      ia mbak, itu kereta barang yang lagi ngetem dan karena deket perkampungan jadi banyak anak-anak yang main disitu. st. kertapati – palembang

  6. Melanee says:

    Amazing shots for this week’s challenge.

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  8. Tina Schell says:

    Your nature shots are really lovely! Well done.

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  11. EagleAye says:

    These are awesome. Perfect answers to the prompt. I think I like the dragonfly best.

  12. These are beautiful! I especially love the caterpillar shot.

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