Yes Or No ?!

It sounds so strange to call this retreat house with ‘company’ but it’s okay let’s say it that way to make it easier. 

Middle of april my company announce that they have a plan to go for a excursion somewhere in Dempo mountain – Pagar Alam – South Sumatra. The mountain provides lots of nature tourism, some water falls, hiking, crater, the beauty of green  tea plantations, fresh air of mountain and etc.

Then there was an issue that a friend refuse to joint this excursion for personal excuse and this made the staff and boss consider to cancel that excursion! I asked my friend and she confirmed me that she won’t join this program which will be held next two weeks when we don’t have any guests coming. 

Last night the girls (my friends) just persuade one of the staff to make sure that excursion must go on and he just gave a little signed of hope that it will go on by saying, “Relax, everything can be arranged.” Then the girls plan to go to market for shopping next Sunday to buy things we need.

Until today (this afternoon) our hope just blew away like balloon lose of gas. Another staff (the older nun) informed my friend that the excursion is canceled as this retreat house still has a work to be handled. Some worker who drills to make well and renovation of a building. They are still working at fastest time middle of June and after that this retreat house will be fulled of students to retreat. 

Fiewh…. 😦 really, this news make us very very much disappointed! Even though we have not hear any official announcement of this cancellation, we realize that we don’t have any power to reject it even we pay with our own money for the transportation!

For my self who love travelling, I do really hope that this excursion will not be canceled but postpone as I wish to visit the place I’ve never been.


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4 Responses to Yes Or No ?!

  1. ibuseno says:

    Oh..baru ngeh kalau Mbak Lala kerja di rumah retreat 🙂
    ttp semangat Mbak.. jalan2 tetep dong mudah2an 🙂

  2. tinsyam says:

    jadi ditunda sampe kapan? udah bayar transportasi dan udah belanja pula..

    • ulillala says:

      belum tahu mbak, belum ada pengumuman resmi sih
      hari ini kan minggu tetep ada teman2 berencana belanja
      aku sih ikut aja tapi ga beli apa2

      lha harga tiket bus belum tahu juga jadi belum bayar, rencana sih bayarnya langsung potong gaji.

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