Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Signs

Rules are made for the public interest in order to create a safety life, comfortable and orderly. But sometimes people don’t want to obey the rules in the form of signs, in fact I often find signs vandalized or stripped-streak.

And here are some signs that I can display to participate in Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Signs

1. Don’t Park here, this picture said, “rule is to be broken.” 



2. Hiding sign, police hides that sign when he thinks the traffic still in normal flow but when there’s a traffic jam, he will use that sign to break the jam.



3. I have no any idea with this sign, but it was there at the edge of river when I was sailing, anyone knows?



4. Traffic light



5. Direction, in the tourism the sign shows the exit way and where we can find the transportation.


Hopely you’ll enjoy these pictures and thanks in advance to liking my post 😀

warm regards in the cold day ^_^


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16 Responses to Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Signs

  1. tinsyam says:

    selalu unik deh fotofotonya lala.. keren..

    • ulillala says:

      matur nuwun mbak Tin 😀
      yang jelas semua foto yang dimuat dimari foto lama
      ndilalah pas ada challenge pas punya stock ya tinggal seleksi aja deh xixixixi

      eh tapi ada juga ding beberapa foto terbaru 😀

  2. Cee Neuner says:

    These are great signs. Thanks so much for playing!

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  5. ibuseno says:

    Iseeeng aja ya fotonya dapet Mbak Lala… keren2

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  8. fendikristin says:

    Mbak Lala, aku jg masih nga mudeng itu sign arti-nya apa ya yang di pinggir kali 😀

    Soal foto pertama judul-nya “Rules made to be broken” :p

    • ulillala says:

      kemungkinan *nebak2 aja ya* artinya dilarang nebang pohon yang ada ditepi sungai

      lha kalo foto pertama itu sebenarnya kata2 orang yang ga mau hidup tertib jadi kalo ada aturan pasti dilanggar hehehee
      *termasuk yang ngomong ini* 😀

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