Am I That Fat?


me – 2009

Next on 22nd of May my company which is a retreat house will be held a picnic out of town. Some of my friends have an idea to buy t-shirt with same motive but difference color based on each person favorite color. Some friends interested in Korean style which is not fit with my body shape. We are searching in the internet for cheaper price and nice look. We found some interesting items but the problems is my body too fat!

Some offer the maximum size only L and at local size I used to wear XXL, surprisingly in triple L sometimes I fit too urgh… and t-shirt that’s sold in the market sometimes no specific size just put the code : ALL SIZE and that’s still not fit!

Everybody tells me that I am getting fatter and fatter each time I meet them. For my self, I take it just like a blowing wind, never mind with it, just a because this idea I come to realize that I am too fat! My height only 145 cm with weight 62 kgs, can you imagine how fat I am? Over load! That’s what I always tell to my self but still it doesn’t stop me from having much meal!

I used to join a gym but after I work in Sumatra I have no time to go to the gym, what I’m trying to do now is stopping consuming snacks but I can’t control my lunch every time I see sambal 😦 I don’t know will I be able to find a same shirt as my friends or not, I don’t really care now.


me – 2012

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21 Responses to Am I That Fat?

  1. tinsyam says:

    145-100-10%.. harusnya sih berat badan ideal dengan tinggi 145 itu 41kg.. kurus banget ya..

    • ulillala says:

      nah itu berat badan jaman baru lulus sekolah segitu tapi setelah kerja berat badan makin lama makin naek

      • tinsyam says:

        sama la, metabolisme kita kan udah turun, jadi ya kudu jaga makan dan olahraga pun.. timbanganku [baru nimbang] ada 74 nih, padahal tinggi cuma 160.. gemukan daku deh..

      • ulillala says:

        masalah makin bertambah karena kerja di area makanan
        haduuuh, ga tahan kalo ga nyicip. begitu nyicip dan ngarasa enak pasti ga tahan juga untuk nambah dan makan banyak

      • tinsyam says:

        apalagi kalu banyak yang sisa dan sayang dibuang ya, jadinya ya perut kaya tempat sampah..
        kalu udah gitu kudu mantapkan hati deh lala..

      • ulillala says:

        iyo bener itu… kadang memang sayang melihat makanan sisa
        kalau banyak sih bisa dikasih tetangga lha kalo jumlahnya nanggung emang sayang dibuang, tapi ya kadang memang terpaksa dibuang *entah di perut pa tempat sampah* hehehe.

        eh met hari minggu mbak Tin, sibuk apa nih pagi2 dah ol, apa gak ngedapur?

      • tinsyam says:

        udah ngedapur.. tinggal baberes.. ga kemanamana, panas..

      • ulillala says:

        kebetulan hari ini libur, jadi mending buat santai aja
        iya di palembang juga panas kalo siang, malemnya dingin
        karena kadang sore turun hujan.

      • tinsyam says:

        met akhir pekan ya lala..

  2. seniorjowo says:

    Reblogged this on seniorjowo und kommentierte:
    Sopo sing kono kowe Gembrot nduk??…

  3. fendikristin says:

    haii Mbak salam kenal *salaman*
    gpp Mbak yang penting happy dan tetep sih kudu jaga kesehatan 🙂

    • ulillala says:

      *salaman balik* xixixi bener mbak, biar kata orang gendut yang penting memang kesehatan no. 1 apalagi mengingat usia sudah tidak muda lagi… hehehe

  4. I’m overweight for my height too and didn’t care till my beloved say I’m too fat now and my knees giving way. So I started exercising and controlling my food intake. It’s hard to lose weight. I understand your feelings 🙂

    • ulillala says:

      i work physically hard, so I do it just like an exercise
      and my meal is not very much now but still my body refuse to reduce 😦 but I don’t really care too much about this body
      if somebody loves me, I hope it’s not about this fhysicall attraction only.

      thanks anyway Mary, I guess you really know what I feel

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