Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge : Which Way?

First time I found this challenge -which way- I lifted my eyebrow and made me think further. Not about which photo I would post but about my life. Yup! To live a life is just like walking through the road. We find the road climbing, down, rocky, smooth, crosses and sometimes its just at the end.  In this case sometimes we force our selves to go backward to find another way. Walk through the road wherever will make us rich of experiences as we are not only walking but meet other people and something else.

Well, that’s my thought and now let’s see the pictures I have for this challenge 😀

Which way?

People trapped by sea water flooded, should go on or try to find another road? Even farter, perhaps that it was what they were thinking of.

Located : Semarang – Central Java.


Forward or backward?

Sometimes we need to stop for a while learn from the past to go on for the future.

Located : Solo – Central Java.


Sometimes we need somebody by our side to cross the road.

Located : Semarang – Central Java.


Very nice when the track is available, so you can go through it and it will lead you to the destiny.

Located : Palembang – South Sumatra.


Down step… I heard a smart man said, “When you reached the bottom of the down road, trust that you will find the climbing road forward.” But life isn’t that simple is it?

Located : Imogiri – Central Java.


What a long…long road! We never know when we will finish this journey unless we just decide to stop.

Located : Salatiga – Central Java.


Thanks to : Cee 😀






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12 Responses to Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge : Which Way?

  1. tinsyam says:

    lala punya ide motret yang keren.. suka deh yang spion dan railway..

  2. cantik-cantik fotonyaaaaaaa pengen bisa jepret kayak gitu

  3. ibuseno says:

    Sukaaa.. yg stasiun kereta api dan tangga imogirinya..

  4. Wah! Si cewek satu ini ahli jg dalam hal memotret. Hhahahahah! Tapi ya semarang cepet banget ya banjirnya kalau hujan. Saingan sama Jakarta:p

    • ulillala says:

      haduh mas, kalo dibilang ahli keknya jauh deh, belum layak banget
      lha wong itu tuh foto2 yang jepretnya biasa aja kok, semua juga bisa lho hehehe

      btw emang kalo semarang utara tuh ga hujan udah banjir sama air laut yg naik, apalagi kalo hujan, jaminan makin banjir dah. kemaring tuh kesasar pake acara kehujanan di jalan pemuda, belumlah hujannya 1 jam udah banjir jalannya, padahal pusat kota lho *geleng2 kepala*

  5. Cee Neuner says:

    Excellent which ways. Thanks for playing along, I appreciate it.

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