A Word A Week Challenge – New Dawn, New Hopes

Honestly, I can’t wake up at the dawn but when I worked for a retreat house at the kitchen I had to wake at 4 am everyday. An hour or more  minutes working to prepare breakfast and after that sometimes I went back to bed but sometimes I go to church for daily morning prayer.

Long time ago when I was a student my parents were very very tight about discipline and forced me to wake up before the sun rise. If I refuse then my father would do anything to make me out off bed. In old Java tradition there’s a myth when somebody wakes up after the sun rise, then he/she will not get the ‘bread’ for that day. Bread is just an analogy for easy to get job, easy to earn money even easy to get luck. In short word, wake up after sunrise just bring bad luck. Some still believe but in modern world like nowadays myth will be mites. But I think, it’s not all a mites.

It’s almost for years for me never see the down but lately I try to wake up early everyday accept for Sunday or day off I wake up late. Very nice to enjoy the morning view, the sunrise, and the fresh clean air. And this challenge, just like a reminder that, there always be a hope at the new dawn.

Morning sunrise

It was a hard hiking for me though not so high climbing a mountain feet of ungaran in Semarang. At the lowest camp area I could reach with my friends just to wait the sunrise to break the dawn.


Lawu Mountain

Sometimes the sun too shy to show up as the clouds too tick, so when the dawn came, no sun just gray clouds hung above the blue mountain. Located in Malang – East Java.



It was a beautiful dawn I’ve ever seen. The first time I stayed a night in the mountain of Tanggamus – Lampung – South Sumatra



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6 Responses to A Word A Week Challenge – New Dawn, New Hopes

  1. tinsyam says:

    langitnya keren.. pernah ke lawu toh..

  2. ibuseno says:

    hihi..aku kalong, ga punya foto sunrise, punyanya sunset.. 🙂
    keren iki foto ne Mbak Lala

  3. chris13jkt says:

    Aku suka foto yang pertama, Mbak. Keren banget!

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