A Word A Week Challenge – Old

I know it’s too late to post this challenge as I was busy to look after my mother in the from hospital to home, however, I still want to share what I have for this topic.

Old, hmm…

Mostly it will be about physically. Yes… be honest who wants to be old? An actress or a model for example, most of them afraid of being old. Some do plastic surgery, some just postpone by doing cosmetics treatment or just a simple way through the healthy life, as young performance is very important.

Being old is something naturally every live will goes through, but do you believe that old is not always uneasy to look at? I met some old people but in his/her late age they remain stay beauty. They still have their own charm which based on inner beauty.

Another fascinating old is for things, older and older a thing the value will be so high as it keeps a historical stories. Let’s say a temple, for me its always be a fantastic story to hear, amazing building to look and wonderful thing to keep look after. To hear the story just like a bed time story as it sounds like a legend, a folk tale. Even an old paper can be a life valuable when it contents something important.

So, I’m a single mature woman but most people address me as a Mom and I never correct it, even when I walked with a younger friend, people thought that she was my daughter and still I don’t mind hehehe I consider it as a safety way to avoid ‘bad man’ xixixi…

Stop talking, let’s enjoy the pictures for this challenge. 😀

1. Abdi dalem, He’s a kind of javanesse palace servant. But he didn’t work in the palace, in the king’s cemetery. Located in Imogiri – Central Java.


2. An old man counting money, I feel so touch every time I look at this pictures, just imagine an old  man who suppose to live a happy life  , have to work still to survive! And the money is not very much enough even for a day! Located – side river of Musi – Palemang – South Sumatra.


3. Sr. Ignas, she’s a nun and people around just amaze of her, her spirit of life. She plants flowers, recycling organic waste and feed the dogs. Her age about 70 years old but her power just like 17th :D. Located – Palembang – South Sumatra.


4. Old building, I don’t know what it was, but it seems its empty since years ago. It located in ‘old town’ in Semarang city as this old town was a complex of old buildings made by Dutch when they colonized Indonesia more then 60 years ago. It looks so ugly but I believe when it functions well and repainted without doing any changing of the shape of the building, it can be beautiful building.


5. Temples, this is what I mean that older and older some things its will be hunted. I always wonder how those people made such a building, just stones put on to one and the others, the ornaments and the stories it self, all of it is just so wonderful.

A.  Prambanan temple ( a thousand temples) located in Yogyakarta – Indonesia


B. Dieng temple, Located in Dieng Plateau – Temanggung – Central Java



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13 Responses to A Word A Week Challenge – Old

  1. skinnywench says:

    what wonderful photographs – 🙂

  2. ibuseno says:

    Yang tua yang bersahaja… suka semuanya fotonya Mbak Lala,terutama yg Abdi Dalem itu.. ekpresinya pas

  3. tinsyam says:

    oldiest tuh borobudur..
    keren itu suster ignas sama bruno?
    abdi dalem englishnya body guard kali ya..

    • ulillala says:

      aku ga tahu pasti soal umur candi mana yang lebih tua, pokoke candi mesti tua hehehe *ngeles krn ga punya foto candi borobudur* 😀

      Sr. Ignas emang top markotop, dia tuh kayak punya tenaga super, udah jompo tapi ga mau duduk diam, maunya kerja ngurus kebun bunga dan anjing. eh itu bruno senior alias bapaknya bruno jr. anjing malang dia hilang entah mungkin di ambil orang lalu di sembelih :(( *baru di palembang inilah aku temu banyak orang doyan makan anjing*

      xixixi nuwun mbak Tin, aku ga kepikiran sampai ke body guard…

      • tinsyam says:

        eh orang palembang doyan makan anjing? kog tahu?

      • ulillala says:

        haduh mbak, di rr tuh suka bantai anjing
        pa lagi anjing nyasar, anjing yg dah tua, anjing yg pernah gigit orang, semua habis di bantai. *TERLALU!*

      • tinsyam says:

        abis dibantai dimakan?

        dulu naik rinjani, daku juga makan sate anjing.. enak boh, ga tahu itu anjing.. kenyang aja makan sepiring.. besoknya nyari penjual sate lilit ini, ngajak obrol deh, baru tahu itu sate anjing.. udah tergigit separoh piring, akhirnya sisanya dibungkus.. hihihi.. maaf ya njing..

        btw, kemaren di rumah ada anjing lucu, turunan dalmatian, namanya helen.. ntar difoto ya.. mo 6 bulan, imutimut..

      • ulillala says:

        waaah, pengen peyuk2 dah kalo liat anjing yang masih imut2
        tapi 6 bulan udah lumayan gedhe tuh, pas lincah dan nakal2nya xixixi

      • tinsyam says:

        masih kalem nih helen, minum susu kudu disendokin.. makan disuapin.. manja..

      • ulillala says:

        waaaah, 6 bulan masih disuapin?
        duh kok manja bener xixixi
        si browni sekarang kira3 4 bulan tapi udah lari kesana kemari
        bahkan sebelum 3 bulan pun udah mulai dilatih makan sendiri.
        sementara aku sih suka iseng kasih minum ke bruno jr. dengan menadah air dari kran ke tangan trus panggil deh si bruno suruh minum….

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