Home to Hospital :((

On Thursday, I received a phone call from my mother and she was sad as she sick and couldn’t move from bed. She told me that around her belly so painful every time she tried to move. Before that pain she got high blood pressure then a disease caused by mosquito and not low this belly pain. 

I was so confuse as she told about the death and right at the moment I asked my cousin to bring her to hospital. There the doctor said she had problem with her appendix. I asked her to calm and take a surgery, and that evening I tried to call a friend to help for plane tickets as I’m in Sumatra island and my mother in Java island.

On Friday, there was no news about the ticket while I contact another friend to book for return and she just confirmed it was success. Just at the Friday night I got my tickets. Thanks God for the helping from a distance.  

Now, I will leave Palembang and back home and can’t wait to meet my mother. A few minutes ago she just called me that the surgery will be held on 2 pm, that time I still waiting for the plane which is on 3 pm and will be arrive at Semarang around 8 pm. 

In the meantime i just can pray, hopely she’s doing fine and the surgery as well :(( as this is the first time in my family has to face surgery. 

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14 Responses to Home to Hospital :((

  1. Jackie says:

    My thoughts are with you. I hope everything works out ok.

  2. ibuseno says:

    Smoga oparasinya ibu lancar dan cepat puilih ya Mbak Lala..

  3. tinsyam says:

    haduh jadi dioperasi apendixnya? padahal maren bilangnya demam berdarah ya.. semoga ibu segera sembuh ya lala, dan lala happy ketemu ibu nih.. emang ga punya sodara lain la? kakak adik? kog hubungin semua sepupu?

    • ulillala says:

      adiku cuman satu kerja di Jakarta dan kemarin juga pulang mbak. sementara di rumah ga ada siapa2 lagi selain bapak.
      jadi ya yang muda yang bisa urus ini itu apalagi untuk wara wiri ke sana kemari.

      iya mbak, keknya ibuku nih lagi borong penyakit hiks….
      padahal tahun kemarin pas ngeluh sakit peruh udah tak suruh periksa, ngotot aja ga mau, sekarang deh puncaknya mesti oprasi…

  4. Semoga lekas sembuh ya La..

  5. Julie Utami says:

    My thought and pray are always be with you and your family. GBU jeng! Speedy recovery for simbok and throw kisses!

  6. First time I see your blog and I feel sad for you, your Mother and the family. How stressful it is not to be with the person one loves at such time. Prayers are for you all – hope Mom has recovered soon. Do let us know. Take care, Carina

  7. seniorjowo says:

    Reblogged this on seniorjowo und kommentierte:
    Semoga cepat sembuh mbokmu nduk…

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