Music, what I can say? Music is part of my life even the facts are I can’t play any of music tools, I can’t sing, I can’t read notes well and I have really really bad voice as my friends always complain me when I start murmuring a song. I even never and ever attending for live music, concert or something like that. One thing for sure, I love music.

Music… is the most easiest way to express the feeling, sad, mad, love, happy whatever. I even speak like a song with my friends sometimes hehehe just like in opera. Talk about the various kind of music, I can tell you that I love pop, slow rock, r & b, instrumental even traditional music of my island -Java- 

I don’t have mp3 players nor cd’s but when I was young I used to buy cassettes and now I will listen to the music everytime I open my notebook. Music… in any genre, any language just enough to please my ears and my days.

For this week challenge which is about music, here are some shots of mine. Enjoy it 😀

1. A set of gamelan – tradisional music from Central Java – Indonesia

I took this pictures at Yogjakarta’s museum palace


2. A man with a little boy who so curious about that music instrument, we call -kendang-


3. Street musician – They try to get some money by playing traditional music and dancing with simple instruments when the light goes to red. Located in Semarang – Central Java



4. Street musicians, This group is more organized as they dresses well and play good music. Located in Yogjakarta – Central Java.


5. Tourism musician – some kind of street musician but he has ‘licence’ to earn some money in the tourism place. He is blind but he plays kecapi very well. I found him at Kawah putih – Bandung – West Java. 



6. Kothekan Ramadan, In Indonesia when come a ramadhan month *moslem fast day month* there are some people make a group to create a loud sound to wake people around 2 up to 3 am. They can use any kind of things like bottle, pan, bamboo, iron, etc. The different sound combined at one and create a nice sound just like music. I took that pictures when there was a competition to make a very nice sound from a various of things around in Semarang – Central Java.



7. Street singer – often I meet them wherever I go, even cross the island. Door to door, at the public transportation or at the central city where people used to spend the evening. I took this picture in Palembang – South Sumatra.



All those pictures I post to follow this challenge : challenge


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  1. ibuseno says:

    Lagi bingung nyari foto nii.. HD ext nya rusak hiks 😦
    ini foto2 music trad yg perlu di lestarikan

  2. tinsyam says:

    keren deh lala idenya.. ada musik jalanan juga selain gamelan.. dan dikau pernah ya ke kawah putih? ada kecapi dengan kacamata keren.. dan ada kan topeng monyet?

    • ulillala says:

      iya mbak pernah mampir ke bandung dan ke kawah putih
      sama seorang kenalan dari Mp *duuuh hebatnya mp*

      tapi waktu itu yang aku liat cuman si pemain kecapi itu doang, ga liat ada topeng monyet

  3. skinnywench says:

    Reblogged this on A Word in Your Ear and commented:
    Another great take on the A WORD A WEEK CHALLENGE – MUSIC

  4. neenslewy says:

    I met some people who toured Gamelan in the early Noughties, they asked me to join them and travel. I wish I had.

  5. beebeesworld says:

    I enjoyed reading and looking at your blog and will follow it. I invite you to follow my blog as well. best wishes…beebeesworld

  6. chris13jkt says:

    Koleksi-nya boleh juga nih Mbak 🙂

  7. This is definitely a different world of music than mine!

  8. Rosemarie says:

    I like all of your music photos. It is wonderful that you get such pleasure from music. Music is my work. I am a voice teacher and pianist. I began as a classical musician and migrated to Broadway since I teach many theater students in a conservatory. I love the photos of the gamelan orchestra.

    • ulillala says:

      Awesome work of yours!
      being a voice teacher you must be mastered all type notes that’s what I adore to be able to but it seems my voice is bad since I was born hehehehe

      do you play gamelan?
      thanks anyway for appreciation.

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