A Word A Week Challenge – Waiting











I hate waiting! 


But when I was waiting for some body or things I realised that in the moment of uncertain I can use it to think everything all over again. Anything I can do in that spare time of waiting to do something I love, create new things or just writing and may be only sitting and day dreaming xixixixi…. 


Well, for this a word a week,  Sue has broght up ‘waiting’ and here are those who were waiting… Enjoy it!


1. Children were waiting in front of department’s door to be opened as they would like to shopping. I think this can be a new culture at this millenium especially once a year at Idul Fitri. I found this kind of tradition not just in Java but in Sumatra as well. 



2. A women – a traditional drinking seller’s sitting at city park awaiting for buyers. Located : under Ampera bridge.


 3. A man sitting at the train station but I’m not sure he was waiting for the train or something else 😀


4. A man was waiting for public transportation in front of a close store.


5. “Ora pareng nesu” it’s javaness language means “Don’t be angry” or “Be Patient” that signs is in a village goverment office. In simple word, we must always wait patiently to be served. :((  


 Please… don’t make me wait!

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it’s quite interesting, topic of photo challenge for this week.
Family, for me, it’s the most important part of life. Being in the family can make me feel secure and happy. I realised it when I’m far from home, like now.

To hear mother mention my name in her pray or to find father working so hard to support this little family and to know that my younger brother will be marrying soon. Those are something I yearn of being in the family.

Here, in another island just on my own, a family bond can be build from a friendship which growing stronger each day but it won’t be that easy and I realised there’s no place I want to be except in the middle of my own family.

1. Starting from a friendship, who knows can build a family bond.


2. Marrying, one way to build our own family


3. Family, be the same is okay but diffrence won’t be a problem


4. Gathering, spending the time togahter not just at home but can be at city park


5. ‘Till death do us part’ that’s a family bond, which can’t be erased even by death.


Thanks to Josh for picking up this topic 🙂

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Weekly Photo Challenge – Beginning

First post after almost 4 months never post anything at all, here they are some of my photos in participating weekly photo challenge – beginning and yes this is a new beginning to active again just sharing pictures and daily stories.

1. Sun rises. I was camping in a valley of Ungaran mountain, one night with expecting to see the sun rose in the morning and I was so lucky 😀 


2. Morning sun rays at Merbabu Mount. 



3. Morning dew on rose, at the beginning of the day, there is no something as fresh as morning dew….





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Merry Christmas & Happy New Year :D

Last day at the office, I take this chance to greet you all 

Merry Christmas 2013 & Happy New Year 2014

May peace and joyfull all over the world


Happy Holiday !!!! 🙂

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Wish Me Luck

Dearest friends,


I’m sorry that I must be off for uncertain time due to my business in searching new job and place to stay, but I promise once I  have settled I will come back here. Now all I need is a pray and that I will get that job soon.

I will miss all the challenge and sharing of your stories and those beautiful pictures as well. Thanking you in advance for joining my blog, just visiting, liking or comments thanks for all.


Love you all,

Ulil Lala

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Cee’s fun Foto Challenge : All In One Color

Beauty of the rainbow is created by some of color layers but this time Cee make those each color brings another beauty to another mood and sensation and here are my shot for this challenge 😀



Thanks to : Image

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Weekly Photo Challenge – An Unusual POV

Well, an unusual POV, for me it will be easy to understand this category as ‘framing photography’ even so I still doubt if my interpretation is correct. Whatever it is unusual point of view has brought me these kind of photos in participating of this challenge. Enjoy it ^_^

1. A view of Gajah Mungkur reservoir from a window inside of a floating restaurant.



2. A sunset time from a building gate.



3. A little girl swimming at the harbor just for coins from passengers 



4. Boats at the river



5. A rest place at the tourism 


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Weekly Photo Challenge – Sea

What a nice place! But unfortunately it has been for years I don’t go to the beach to see the beautiful of the blue sea. This time Sara Rosso come up with this idea for this week challenge and it makes me so yearn of being in the sea. 

I love the sea even though I can’t swim and I will never have courage to do it. Just sit at the beach where the wave can reach my feet, feel the sand, the wind or busy searching for sea shells those are enough for me. Sitting there to see wide ocean which ended at the horizon line, the waves that never stop as well as the wind, those can bring peacefully in my mine, so relief and free…

Alright then… for this challenge, here are some of the sea I ever visited.


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Weekly Photo Challenge – Focus

To get focus sometimes is not easy, so I must take some shots for same objects for times and I don’t really understand of photography or camera . So pocket camera is just sufficient for me. However to participate this challenge, here are some of my shots.



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Weekly Photo Challenge – Carefree

Yes, it was all a beautiful and unforgettable memories when all of us together spending a short moment in the happiness and carefree. Those moments have already passed by but it’s still lingering in my mind and will always be…. And for this challenge I will put some pictures which perhaps describe what carefree is, so enjoy it.


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